BetweenBuildingsTree felling
We can cut down any tree, no matter how big or small or even where it is. If the tree is between two buildings or hanging over utility lines, we have the expertise and experience to safely fell and remove any tree.

Tree Audit
A Tree Audit is a written report on the condition and safety of specified trees along with the correct actions that should be taken to suit the circumstances.

We have provided these documents for insurance companies, body cooperates, hotels, public parks, and government institutions.

We can also advise on which trees to plant and where best to plant them.

Storm damage
If a tree were to fall on your house or block your driveway, don’t panic, we offer a 24 hour call out for emergency’s.

fenceLifting, Pollarding, and Dressing
Think of this as a visit to the barber for your tree

Stump removal and stump grinding
Don’t know what to do with that giant tree stump at the bottom of your garden, call Don’s Tree Felling.

We can remove felled trees and other garden refuse.